Nesting: staining the nursery furniture.


With just seven weeks left until my due date, this little bird is nesting. Home projects are being checked off of lists and little outfits washed and tucked away. We decided on a simple crib that we can convert to a toddler bed later, and we updated a family heirloom changing table/ dresser for our Winnie. A simple sanding and a walnut stain linked the two pieces of furniture so that they almost look like a matched set.

These small decisions { Where she will sleep? What kind of products to use on her butt, hair & nose? Should I make a mobile? Do we really need to buy this? } all pale in comparison to the plethora of decisions we will make as parents. Our first taste of those harder decisions are starting to present themselves { When does she get which and what shots? Where will she go to school? Will she be safe at the school we choose? How will we explain the state of this Earth to her? How will we prepare her for the hardships of life? How do we prepare her for what it means to be a woman in this world? Who will take care of her if we aren't here? } For now we control what we have control over, and we talk about what we can't control in hopes that these subjects are things that will slowly reveal themselves. As if we are digging a deep hole together slowly uncovering the roots and shining rocks that were obscured from us before. This is all that we can do as parents, I believe. Control what we can and let the rest reveal itself, let ourselves be diligent, be open, be kind and be always searching for the best answer.



The changing table was built by my father for me when I was born. Twenty five years later, it is sturdy as ever and just as beautiful. Baskets of gifted and hand-me-down clothes are waiting inside, and up top is a inherited changing pad waiting for a new baby bum. 

Our semi-minimalist approach to baby gear has led us down the cloth diaper route, the no stroller { just a couple wraps }, cutting as many corners as we can route. No nursery theme, just some things to tie into our bedroom's existing aesthetic. The tassels of the canopy match the swan blanket we keep on our bed. We want to include Winnie into the asethetics we have created as a family and let her grow into her own style over time.


Here are the pieces before. 


Do you have any strategies in preparing for the hard decisions we make as parents? Or any ideas about whimsical minimalist baby design?