New Year's Flowers.


Today I'm sharing the process of my recent painting. I like to start the new year with a fun painting with the themes of a girl and some flowers. There aren't any specifics that I hold myself to, except that I finish it. If you have any kind of creative hobby, I find that it's beneficial to let yourself just finish a piece of project at the beginning of a new year without any kind of expectation on the outcome. It refreshes your muscles and can reinvigorate the reason you love to do it in the first place. It's 2018, go build something, sew something, write something, cook or bake something! This practice will also give you some delegated time to relax, which is always especially important this time of year.

 Here are paintings I've done on past New Years Eve & Days.


This year, I started with a quick sketch, then moved on to the lines. I kept the figure and the background elements integrated with each other from the beginning so that it would feel cohesive from start to finish.


Flatting the colors quickly with a hard brush makes it easy to change them later.


Then it became a wonderful methodic meditation of hi-lighting and rendering.You can view more of my art in the gallery. Thank you for looking & Happy New Year!