The tea cabinet.

monthly tea recommendation.

In terms of the best tea flavors of all time, earl grey has stayed at number one on my tea list, mostly because of the smell. I think it's the bergamot. Something about it immediately relaxes me. I spend a lot of time curating my tea collection, with some staples and some rotating themes. One of my favorites is the Raspberry Earl from Zhena's tea. It's  just the right amount of naturally sweet and rich. 

The addition of raspberry to chocolate is classic. On this chilly December morning my table is set with raspberry earl grey and chocolate swirl banana bread. ( Recipe by Isa Chandra, found in her book Isa Does It. )


I envision this bread being one of the first that I teach Winnie to bake. I can just see the three of us gathered around with some tea and banana bread morning after morning. (Hopefully someday with some snow to view out the window.) The family traditions we practice as a couple will be the childhood memories Winnie remembers of us years from now.


Zhena herself has a wonderful story. In an interview she says: “My grandmother was Roma gypsy from the Ukraine. She taught me as a child that botanicals could heal any woe—in the mind, body and/or spirit." This is the magic of tea. The earth provides us with what we need to thrive. 

What are your favorite teas, seasonal or standard? Do you have any special teas or favorite tea-side snacks that have become a tradition?