The tea cabinet.

monthly tea recommendation.

We replaced our leaky tea kettle with this black german-made enamel beauty. She matches my tall witchy tea pot that I don't use as often as I'd like. (Anyone for a tea party?) The leaky quality of our last kettle may have been my fault... which tells me that whistle or no, sometimes I just get distracted. Something one might call the mind of the artist?


Some pre-spring tea cleaning.

I limit my caffeine intake to three cups of black or green tea a day while pregnant. The official switch to loose leaf has been on the horizon as well, so I'm using up every tea bag I can find this month. The caffeinated shelf is now empty leaving the herbals and medicinals. Because they aren't daily use I put them in jars. 

Next, I threw out the stale loose leaf that were mostly inherited from past apartments. Now, I'm on the hunt for an economical & stylish solution to canisters. (Maybe these?) Lastly, the best part, is to sample some new loose leaf brands. Along with my much loved gypsy rose & raspberry earl from Zehena's, here is my current wish list.


Keeping this kettle well oiled, and this pregnant woman semi-caffeinated. I'm working on a children's book project right now that I can't wait to share. The plan is to finish with time to spare before our little Winnie's due date, wish me luck!