Celebrating the Lunar New Year.

the year of the earth dog.


We held a small gathering for the lunar new year this past weekend. Remi has seen some sort of celebration from his time in the marines to his schooling in Traditional Chinese Medicine. He became used to seeing red lanterns once a year, and so we brought them home. This less than fully traditional, adopted holiday is something we see Winnie growing up with, along with Yule, Easter, Midsummer, Autumn Festival, Halloween & however many others we can think of. Some will be small, some will be a surprise and some will be bigger, the build up lasting for months or days. The human mental calendar thrives on things to look forward to. We want her life to be punctuated with many breaks in the daily routine to celebrate living, the Earth & the cultures that include and surround us.


Our families gathered together around a candle lit table and we feasted on plant-based renditions of char sui bao, mooncakes, & chow mein. Remi prepared for days, making golden syrup from scratch early in the week, and I am thankful every day that his favored hobby is to cook. We decorated our home together & I hope it brought a little magic to the evening. Steam wafting from the kitchen, laughter in the hall, glowing lights reflecting on silverware, cherished faces not often seen & the feeling of accomplishment in getting a child to smile are the small things that make the effort of a party worth it. We shared something old in a new way with our families, a tradition we hope to continue each year.