The tea cabinet.

monthly tea recommendation.


For the month of February, I'm taking the time to froth my soy milk and enjoy as many crêpe breakfasts as I can. Remi has gotten quite good at making them ever since I pleaded that we veganize a childhood favorite. "Dutchie's" {a thicker kind of crêpe that my mom made for us as kids for our birthdays} were something I could not get right on my own. We invested in a cast iron crêpe pan, found a simple recipe online, and Remi worked his kitchen magic.


This morning I made a pot of Darjeeling tea and frothed a bit of soy milk. I won't brag about my own kitchen magic, for unfortunately, I am artless and only fairly proficient behind the stove. Though if you are like me, a small bit of bubbly milk froth will do to spruce up a daily cup of tea. How I do it is:

  • Simply put some milk in a little sauce pot on a high heat {because of impatience},
  • Whisk milk about while it heats {I have a handy frothing device},
  • Be careful not to let it froth up too quickly and run off the top {just turn down the heat if it does},
  • Then pour it over your steeped tea, spooning out the froth on top of the warm milk.

While the foam is more bubbles than froth, and cannot compare to the artistry of our local coffee shop, a bubbly milk in my tea sends more magic into my day than a teacup without.

Do you take the time to make your own lattes? Anyone have any tips for an impatient stove keeper desperate for a pillowy foam?