The tea cabinet.

monthly tea recommendation.


The days are turning hotter and longer. Our house likes to sun itself in the mornings, absorbing as many cosy rays as it can, and then in the evening it greets us like a house cat back from the hunt with a gift of 82 degrees inside at 8 o’clock. So in the early mornings we coax in cool air from the garden before drawing the curtains and holding the comfortable temperature hostage. And then we have our tea. These mornings when the roses from outside are taking hospice on our counters and we light the candles with pretty scents we forgot we had, I found my tarot deck.


I like to use cartomancy as a way to jumpstart introspection and intention in my day. How I interpret the meaning in connection to the question is based on how I may want my day to go or I will recognize an unconscious emotion and I make the effort to acknowledge that. I talk out loud about it to Remi and in that process I find a better meaning to the card or a more apt fortune. 


As the summer solstice approaches, I aim to add another form of magic into my day. We are nearly halfway through the year and I am just about finished with the 4th trimester of pregnancy, the first three months of Winnie’s life. There have been many emotional ups and downs, but ultimately I am creating a rhythm. There is no true way to predict the future except in the decisions we make. In asking ourselves the deeper and harder questions we will know ourselves better and we can predict how we will react to the events of our futures. This mornings tarot card, the page of wands, told me that I’m allowed to let my creative ideas stay ideas for a while, I don’t need to be in a hurry. I can take my time and take things at my new pace as a mother. My new artistic rhythm.

Any tarot fans out there? What is your favorite card, and why? 

My prenatal yoga routine.


In an attempt to be diligent with exercise during pregnancy, I made a yoga sequence with my favorite poses for the various aches and to prep for labor. This flow focuses on the hips and lower back, looking to strengthen and open.

Save this image for your own personal use if you feel so inclined! I hope it can help one of you, pregnant or otherwise. Happy stretching!

As a disclaimer, I'm not a trained yoga teacher & you should always contact your physician before starting a new exercise routine. 


Living with faeries.


From when I was young, I've had a fascination & affinity for faerie lore. My sisters and I were once told to collect the broken monarch butterfly wings from the floor of a eucalyptus forest. They were later put out in a shallow bowl on our dresser top. Our cousin and babysitter for the evening told us that the faeries would collect them for their babies to have wings of their own, and thus the life cycle of the butterflies would be complete. 

In the morning the bowl was empty of wings and filled with candies. It was a unique magic, akin to presents under a tree. Though St. Nick will often still leave gifts even if we forgot his cookies & milk. For the faeries, we needed to perform a favor to receive one.

I had a great desire all my life to form a relationship with nature, in the way that was taught to me by faeries. You can't expect something from them without giving something first. You have to earn their trust. You have to establish a bond. Faeries represent to me the way we must interact with the earth and our world. 

You must live the life that you believe in.


Believing that faerie babies need the wings of dead butterflies in order to fly tells me that we are all connected. That death feeds life. Faeries are ultimately my sole religion. They give me all of the hope and confidence that I need. Their infinite metamorphosis is my prayer. Every day I take the disguarded wings of my past and fuse them to a new dream, to new habits & new thoughts. If we are to believe in wings, why not those of the butterfly?