The tea cabinet.

monthly tea recommendation.


For the month of May I have revisited a favorite from David's Tea called Cream of Earl Grey. It's something a little sweeter and a little cozier than a regular earl. This organic blend is a perfect accessory for cuddling up with a hungry, grunting baby. In the mornings I curl up on the rocker with my daily morning caffeine dose. It’s good enough to make a pot of, and even creamier with a little soy milk.


The ritual is comforting, as any quiet simple house chore is in these days of a new baby. Doing a few dishes feels like a spa day for my hands. 

I imagine making tea with Winnie every morning as she grows up. Her having her own little tea cup of some whimsical herbal blend alongside my own. What will be her favorites I wonder? What imaginary friends will she put on the invite list to her very special tea parties? 


I remember the too-bitter taste of tea the first time my mom offered it to me. It grew to be a small staple in our relationship, as tea does with mothers and daughters.  There was a sit-down tea shop in the town I grew up in, serving a whole many paged menu of teas and things like Welsh rarebit and cucumber sandwiches. Antique couches and armchairs with mismatched tea cups and crochet tea cosies made up the warm lit interior. As with most small businesses in the town, it closed its doors after too few years. But I have many memories of long lunches spent there with my mother and my sisters. 

I hope that Winnie and I will gain the same quiet comfort of sharing a pot of tea together while watching Pride and Prejudice or You’ve Got Mail together, as I do with my mother.

Do you have and memories of your mother involving tea? Were there and comforting rituals that make up your memories of her? 

Waiting on Winnie.


Our final month of pregnancy has arrived. We took some homemade maternity photos so that I can remember the anticipation, the weight of this little life inside me and the way my body changed for her. I am settling into a sense of calm amid the storm of decisions and anxieties. Letting the hormone driven feelings pass. Practicing my breath and focusing on feeling her movements and kicks, with my eyes closed as often as I can.

  • I go to sleep imagining contractions and what they might feel like. 
  • I imagine what the what the relief and wonder will be like the first time I hold her.
  • I wonder if she will recognize any of the songs we have been singing and playing for her the past few months.
  • I'm curious about what she may be dreaming of. 
  • I hope that her journey into this world will be free of any dangers.
  • I wish I could speed up time, pause it and rewind all at once.
  • I'm trying to remember what it was like to pick something off the floor easily.

Winnie is due to arrive sometime around April's full moon, the pink moon. So we are counting down the moon phases. They say the last month of pregnancy feels the longest. To me it feels the most exciting and full in comparison to the last eight. It is passing slowing, as if I am watching a moonrise and set. I am waiting to meet someone I feel like I have always known.


Celebrating the Lunar New Year.

the year of the earth dog.


We held a small gathering for the lunar new year this past weekend. Remi has seen some sort of celebration from his time in the marines to his schooling in Traditional Chinese Medicine. He became used to seeing red lanterns once a year, and so we brought them home. This less than fully traditional, adopted holiday is something we see Winnie growing up with, along with Yule, Easter, Midsummer, Autumn Festival, Halloween & however many others we can think of. Some will be small, some will be a surprise and some will be bigger, the build up lasting for months or days. The human mental calendar thrives on things to look forward to. We want her life to be punctuated with many breaks in the daily routine to celebrate living, the Earth & the cultures that include and surround us.


Our families gathered together around a candle lit table and we feasted on plant-based renditions of char sui bao, mooncakes, & chow mein. Remi prepared for days, making golden syrup from scratch early in the week, and I am thankful every day that his favored hobby is to cook. We decorated our home together & I hope it brought a little magic to the evening. Steam wafting from the kitchen, laughter in the hall, glowing lights reflecting on silverware, cherished faces not often seen & the feeling of accomplishment in getting a child to smile are the small things that make the effort of a party worth it. We shared something old in a new way with our families, a tradition we hope to continue each year.