On wishes.


When Remi and I found out we were pregnant, we had the idea to leave a wish in the hollowed out space in the back of our antique Quan Yin statue. She serenely watches over us as we sleep from her special perch on our bedroom cabinet.  Remi took a liking to the goddess of mercy & medicine while studding East Asian medicine. She has grown on me now as well. 

The statue we have is carved wood and over a hundred years old, one of our lucky antique store finds. The most fascinating feature is the covered hollow space intended for prayers. So some months ago, I ripped off a scrap of decorative paper and carefully wrote down a wish for our baby's future. We tied the tiny scroll off with some string and placed it inside together. 

I had forgotten about it until recently. The act of hiding a physical wish may or may not have actually helped it come true, but it did give us something. 


Making wishes is commonly something we do in childhood, when we are dependent on others and unable to make many things happen for ourselves yet. Prayers, wishes, hopes. Into adulthood these things carry a heavier weight when attached to something we can hold. A lock on a fence, a paper crane, written on a stone and buried, & whispered into a coin and tossed. They help us to remember to keep going, we can make our wishes come true. They help us to keep loving and believing, miracles are still in the works.


I encourage you to make a wish today, inconsequential or detrimental. Write it down on something. Hide it somewhere, or not. Work towards making it happen for yourself if you can. Whenever you remember that little piece of yourself that you've created and left out into the world, be hopeful. 

Also, go ahead and tell someone if you want. Wishes are meant to be shared, don't worry, the magic wont disappear.