Two kinds of resolutions.

welcoming 2018 with intent and mindfulness.

The beginning of the year feels like a mental restart. I look back on the past year and gather my feelings about it, then funnel those into a hope for the next 365 days. What have we done and what can we do differently?

The past couple months Remi and I have been scaling back our time spent in front of a television. We realized that most of our meals eaten at the coffee table while sitting on the floor looking for something to watch while we eat kept us from really enjoying our time together. This has led to us to celebrate the new year by unplugging.

Our living room is now centered around the fireplace, the chairs faced towards one another. It's more cozy, open & somehow brighter. The last straw in making the switch to being a television-free family was the thought of Winnie growing up the focus of our family living space to be something that distracts. We can still have movie nights from our laptop screens and popcorn in bed. (Even with the crumbs!) 


“when you have an intense contact of love with nature

or another human being, like a spark, then you understand

that there is no time and that everything is eternal." 

 - paulo coelho


Our new addicting habit is to take crispy morning hikes in the California winter. We bring thermoses of tea & our boots. We say hello to every dog, of which there are many. We stop halfway through on a bench with a view of the vineyards and talk. This is what television was starting to take from us, talk. 

Being outside in the mornings with Remi is the spark that ignites the rest of my day. Along with a list of specific nesting chores and projects to be done in the first few months of 2018, my resolutions are all about being present and productive.

  • Make every moment count.
  • Breathe deeply.
  • Make the silver lining.
  • Be patient, especially with myself.
  • Find a routine & stick to it.

We are excited to see how this year unfolds and how we will change along with it. 


What kind of things are you all looking forward to in the new year? In what directions are you hoping to grow?

Announcements & baby names.


The secret of being pregnant was nearly impossible to keep. My husband and I have been talking about adding to our family for a long while, preparing our families up for the news for years. It wasn't difficult to get pregnant and I am so lucky for that. Remi was fully prepared for the trials of conception due to his academic focus on obstectrics. We had originally thought that we would start having children right after we got married, but I am thankful instead for the year we spent working on our schooling. 

It became important to me that I finish my MFA before getting pregnant and as luck would have it, I had that first time-stopping moment that I knew I was going to be a mother on the night before my last day of class. The celebration champagne was discreetly passed on to Remi. 

So far everything has gone smoothly, and I am feeling tiny kicks as I write this. So smoothly, in fact, that we already have our daughters name picked out. 


Even while we were dating, names for future offspring were bounced back and forth, written and rewritten on multiple lists. Middle names have been cycled through and full names tested out loud, sweetly yelled down the hall. I believe the fact that we have enjoyed the process, the contesting, agreeing, deliberating, and defending our separate and mutual name choices have only solidified our team. We have been establishing ourselves as unified parents since before we ever said I do. One of the most exciting parts about thinking of my future with Winnie, is knowing that I'll be raising her with him.

If you are raising a child with a partner, be unified. And if you are one of the many that are raising children alone, be solid in yourself. As a daughter of a single mother, I can tell you that you are doing your best, your choices are valid and solid, and you are appreciated.