The tea cabinet.

monthly tea recommendation.

Today I am morning the misplacement of a seizable portion of our matching flatware set of tea spoons. They all disappeared at once and I have no clue as to where they have gotten to. The three spoons left in the drawer are now accompanied by the mismatched silver tea spoons we kept from our wedding.

The prevalent theories as to where the spoons have run off to are as follows:

  • A shovel for a tiny garden. It is planting season after all.


  • A paddle to help someone small traverse the pool in the yard at the dead of night.


  • As an impressive walking stick for a strong old lady.


  • As the perfect way to feed one's lizard companion.


  • Or as a lovely piece of a daily beauty routine.


Efforts are still being made to convert the household to loose leaf, but in a need for loads of decaf tea to get me through my last days of working before a self prescribed maternity leave I have been enjoying decaf earl grey and peppermint. On this morning I'm having a pot of them mixed together, next to me while I work from the bed.


So in this mid-month tea recommendation, I urge you not to get too attached to your teaspoons, they have lives of their own.

For further reading: a hilarious study on the subject.