The tea cabinet.

monthly tea recommendation.


The days are turning hotter and longer. Our house likes to sun itself in the mornings, absorbing as many cosy rays as it can, and then in the evening it greets us like a house cat back from the hunt with a gift of 82 degrees inside at 8 o’clock. So in the early mornings we coax in cool air from the garden before drawing the curtains and holding the comfortable temperature hostage. And then we have our tea. These mornings when the roses from outside are taking hospice on our counters and we light the candles with pretty scents we forgot we had, I found my tarot deck.


I like to use cartomancy as a way to jumpstart introspection and intention in my day. How I interpret the meaning in connection to the question is based on how I may want my day to go or I will recognize an unconscious emotion and I make the effort to acknowledge that. I talk out loud about it to Remi and in that process I find a better meaning to the card or a more apt fortune. 


As the summer solstice approaches, I aim to add another form of magic into my day. We are nearly halfway through the year and I am just about finished with the 4th trimester of pregnancy, the first three months of Winnie’s life. There have been many emotional ups and downs, but ultimately I am creating a rhythm. There is no true way to predict the future except in the decisions we make. In asking ourselves the deeper and harder questions we will know ourselves better and we can predict how we will react to the events of our futures. This mornings tarot card, the page of wands, told me that I’m allowed to let my creative ideas stay ideas for a while, I don’t need to be in a hurry. I can take my time and take things at my new pace as a mother. My new artistic rhythm.

Any tarot fans out there? What is your favorite card, and why? 

The tea cabinet.

monthly tea recommendation.

Today I am morning the misplacement of a seizable portion of our matching flatware set of tea spoons. They all disappeared at once and I have no clue as to where they have gotten to. The three spoons left in the drawer are now accompanied by the mismatched silver tea spoons we kept from our wedding.

The prevalent theories as to where the spoons have run off to are as follows:

  • A shovel for a tiny garden. It is planting season after all.


  • A paddle to help someone small traverse the pool in the yard at the dead of night.


  • As an impressive walking stick for a strong old lady.


  • As the perfect way to feed one's lizard companion.


  • Or as a lovely piece of a daily beauty routine.


Efforts are still being made to convert the household to loose leaf, but in a need for loads of decaf tea to get me through my last days of working before a self prescribed maternity leave I have been enjoying decaf earl grey and peppermint. On this morning I'm having a pot of them mixed together, next to me while I work from the bed.


So in this mid-month tea recommendation, I urge you not to get too attached to your teaspoons, they have lives of their own.

For further reading: a hilarious study on the subject.

The tea cabinet.

monthly tea recommendation.


For the month of February, I'm taking the time to froth my soy milk and enjoy as many crêpe breakfasts as I can. Remi has gotten quite good at making them ever since I pleaded that we veganize a childhood favorite. "Dutchie's" {a thicker kind of crêpe that my mom made for us as kids for our birthdays} were something I could not get right on my own. We invested in a cast iron crêpe pan, found a simple recipe online, and Remi worked his kitchen magic.


This morning I made a pot of Darjeeling tea and frothed a bit of soy milk. I won't brag about my own kitchen magic, for unfortunately, I am artless and only fairly proficient behind the stove. Though if you are like me, a small bit of bubbly milk froth will do to spruce up a daily cup of tea. How I do it is:

  • Simply put some milk in a little sauce pot on a high heat {because of impatience},
  • Whisk milk about while it heats {I have a handy frothing device},
  • Be careful not to let it froth up too quickly and run off the top {just turn down the heat if it does},
  • Then pour it over your steeped tea, spooning out the froth on top of the warm milk.

While the foam is more bubbles than froth, and cannot compare to the artistry of our local coffee shop, a bubbly milk in my tea sends more magic into my day than a teacup without.

Do you take the time to make your own lattes? Anyone have any tips for an impatient stove keeper desperate for a pillowy foam?